Humorous, Clean, Inspiring, Motivational, Genuine Narcissism at it's Best!


     It has been said that children laugh an average of 450 times a day while adults laugh less than 20.  It's no wonder adults in America are suffering with anxiety, worry, doubts and fear.  As a motivational speaker, JL Glass knows the power of laughter and the positive impact he can have on his audiences.  Some people wonder what, if any, is the lasting effect that could result from hearing a humorous motivational speaker.

     Research has shown that  laughter can stimulate  the immune system, increase natural painkillers in the blood, reduce stress, and even decrease systemic inflammation, (ouch!) something that is increasingly linked to many diseases.  If that is true, sitting in an audience while listening to a motivational speaker such as JL Glass might be considered better than a visit to the doctor's office.  In fact, from time to time, this motivational speaker may even ask audience members to don a hospital gown during his speech.  (This keeps people from walking out in the middle of his presentation as well as greatly reduces standing ovations.)

What type of valuable information does this professional speaker offer?


From a collection of topics on self-improvement, company culture, customer service and marketing, JL never misses an opportunity to entertain with comedy while he delivers his motivational message.  He is a favorite humorous motivational speaker for keynotes as well as for marketing workshops and corporate team-building retreats.  He is one of the finest humorous motivational speakers in the country that uses his gift of humor to make learning fun.  JL says, "it's fun being paid for what they used to put me out in the hallway for." 


What do people find so interesting about this funny motivational speaker? 

People often enjoy laughing at JL's pathetic attempts to maintain his status as a humorous motivational speaker, business owner, author, musician, son, husband, and father.  They even laugh at his poor credit score which JL explains is his strategy for keeping people from stealing his identity.

     Humor is not all that this motivational speaker offers.   JL’s philosophy is that a humorous motivational speaker needs to incorporate as many facets of creativity and genuine emotion as possible.  Every speech and/or workshop includes stand-up comedy from start to finish as well as the use of object lessons from personal experience.  JL says,   “I figure if I can get you to laugh while you learn, I can teach you anything.”

It's not just laughter that you'll find in a Humorous Motivational Speaker but...


     Besides the stand-up comedy, which he sometimes calls stand-up Power Point, JL may even include a card trick or two.  In his effort to make people’s lives more interesting, he’ll often explain how the trick works so audience members may become entertainers and teachers or at minimum at least less boring to be around.  “Life is too short to spend your time being boring,” 

JL says, "if they don’t have a little bag of fun to draw from, they will after I\\\'m finished with them."


What is the"Speaker Eval Score" on this guy?


Professional speakers can be a dime a dozen.  A humorous motivational speaker can be as much as fifty cents.  Why?  Because there are only a small percentage of them that meeting planners find worth inviting back sooner than they ordinarily expect to. 

JL consistently rates 4.3 - 4.8 on his speaker evaluations.

(He's sure he'd rank a 5.0 if they'd let him take his shirt off.)  Meeting planners have been known to break their own rules and invite JL back to speak the very next year.  His diverse background offers many topics and stories that keep his material fresh.

What is this motivational speaker like while on stage?


     The energy that JL communicates with is more than motivational, it's contagious!  For a man of his age, (nobody really knows what that is.), you’d think he was still a teenager with the way he laughs and enjoys some of life’s simplest experiences.  


“Keynote speakers have the toughest jobs.  You’re either pumping the crowd up first thing in the morning or giving them one last shot before they leave,” says JL.   It’s humorous motivational speakers like JL who have to be restrained from jumping into the audience in an effort to get people inspired to start their day with a more exciting way of viewing life.  As soon as JL hits the stage you can tell he loves what he does and the crowd soon realizes they’re in for a ride.

     No humorous motivational speaker is worth his pay without including an INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE.  Even his workshops give people something deeper than a how-to list of secrets.  The minute JL starts his story telling every audience member is anxious to find out what he’s going to say next.  “I wouldn’t do this if I wasn’t able to include life changing stories.” says JL.  “Sometimes people just need to know that I’ve been there - done that - and whether good or bad I've survived.”  From near death experiences that both of his children have had to the struggles in business and marriage, JL has had plenty of opportunity to become bitter about life.  The truth is, life is what you make it and JL's stories often include a few tears and lots of laughter as he takes his audience on his journeys.

     Motivational keynote speaker, humorous motivational speaker, comedian and inspirational story teller all describe the man you’re considering to hire if what you’re looking for is an opportunity to... laugh while you learn!  


A Chemist for Laughter & an Explanation of How the physiology works.


What is really, really, really happening when a funny motivational speaker connects with each audience member?

     The brain's right frontal lobe is the processing center that allows one to know when a motivational speaker is funny. This region of an audience member's brain integrates information that comes from the cognitive area pertaining to the emotional side of the brain.  You could say a funny motivational speaker is like a chemist for laughter.

An audience member's brain has to complete two steps to comprehend humor. Step one requires that one is sensitive to the element of surprise in humor. Once one realizes that something unexpected has occurred, step two becomes a function of the person going beyond the unexpected and looking for something that makes sense.  The challenge for JL is to find those unexpected left turns in life when his audience is expecting we all should have taken a right.

Bottom line is this:  A humorous motivational speaker has the opportunity to not only get a good laugh from his or her audience but also inspire each listener to the possibility of changing their beliefs and behaviors for the better.  Hopefully you can now see it's not just Jabberwocky being spewed from JL's lips when he performs as a professional speaker.  He's actually working very hard to connect with his audience in a way a lot of public speakers are unable to.  He genuinely wants to help people.

If you need a sure thing as a meeting planner, this motivational speaker is the speaker that won't let you down.  He's a speaker who knows how important it is that he makes sure that you look good and receive plenty of kudos for your speaker selection.