Speaking Topics

Your Attitude Has a Steering Wheel. (Signature Keynote)

Life has enough troubles of its own without having to deal with grumpy pants co-workers, angry customers or family members you wish would fall out of the family tree.But, problems and people happen and we need to learn how to face them every day.

If you think you’re all alone, abandoned to rescue yourself, your company or your employees, JL has stories you need to hear.First of all, you’re not alone. In and of itself that’s great news.Now, how would you like to discover how quickly your life can change for the better with just one formula?

There aren't too many things JL hasn’t had to face in the everyday challenges of running a business, helping his clients run theirs and keeping his personal life in balance.This is not your typical story but it is one that every audience member can identify with and will learn from.There truly is a secret to keeping a good attitude.

Top-half Living in a Bottom-half World.

While many speakers attempt to motivate audiences to see the glass half full rather than half empty, JL thinks it’s more important to teach people how to join his Full Glass Revolution. There’s a secret to filling your glass. Based on the world around us, most people don’t seem to be finding it. After hearing JL tell his stories and share his personal insights, you will find yourself starting a whole new adventure of living a top-half life in a bottom-half world.

A Million Dollars is Only One Good Idea Away.

What blocks or breaks free your creativity when it comes to solving management, employee, business, marketing or advertising problems?Uncover your creative potential.We all have the potential to be creative and get better at problem solving.Your next solution or problem solved may transform your company.Most of us are only one piece of information away from achieving far greater success.

As an example, JL tells the story of one idea he created that turned into 12 million dollars of additional sales for a nationally known company.In today’s tough business climate creativity can be your least expensive way to stand out in the marketplace.Learn where and how to find creative ideas for solving problems in business, relationships, or even at home.

Can I Throw Spit Wads at the customers?

Don’t cope with unhappy customers, get rid of them! Or, should I say learn how to change their attitude? In today's market there is very little room for crossing your fingers and hoping people remain loyal and content with your products or services.

If you find it tough to compete product-for-product or service-for-service, make sure you at least understand how you can separate yourself from your competition in other ways. People will drive across town for more than just a better price. An honest automotive mechanic is proof of that. This humorous presentation stimulates employees and management to seek out fun and effective customer service solutions.